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Ya-Wun Yang
PortfolioPortfolio ResearchResearch
Education:University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ph.D.
Experience:Harvard Medical School
National Institute of Health
Stanford University School of Medicine
Research Areas:Pharmaceutics, drug/vaccine delivery, immunopharmaceutics, nanomedicine, cancer research.
Lab Focus:The research interests in our lab encompass a spectrum of diverse scientific disciplines, with the emphasis on drug/vaccine delivery, immunopharmaceutics, and cancer research.

1) Both non-viral and viral vectors were employed for studies of cell-targeted gene therapy of diabetes mellitus and cancer. Studies were carried out by genetically engineering of both the pancreatic islet cells and human hepatoma cells using the recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) vectors, in an attempt to obtain metabolite-modulated secretion of mature insulin and enhanced gene delivery both in vitro and in vivo.

2) One of our interests is focused on studying the vaccine delivery systems, in an attempt to elucidate their roles in antigen processing and presentation. We implemented a series of systematic studies to better understand the delivery function elicited by the vaccine adjuvant and the underlying mechanisms. Along this line of research, strategies on both DNA- and vaccine- based cancer therapy were developed for effective delivery of antigens to the antigen presenting cells and targeted cancer therapeutics. Our recent research have been focused on the effect of vaccine adjuvant on the leukocytes differentiation and stem cells development.

3) The research on the design of pharmaceutical dosage forms extends from the fundamental physicochemical principles of surface chemistry and colloid science to the development of pharmaceutical delivery systems, including the biodegradable nanoparticle-based vaccination. The self-assembly techniques were applied in the design of functional materials and nano-fabrication of delivery systems. Research emphasis has been placed on the interaction of the polymeric nanoparticles with the antigen presenting cells in the immune system.

4) In our recent research theme on molecular pharmaceutics, we attempt to elucidate the immunological basis of ligand-stimulation of nuclear receptors in controlling the differentiation of leukocytes, as affected by both the physiological and biological factors. We attempt to understand the underlying mechanisms of immune signaling and modulation by several transcription factors in the transdifferentiation of cancer cells.