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Shoei-Sheng Lee
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Education:Ph. D. in Medicinal Chemistry &Pharmacognosy, Colledge of Pharmacy, Ohio State University,USA
Experience:Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy, National Taiwan University (1987/08~1993/07)
Postdoctoral fellow, Dept Chemistry, Columbia University (1986/01~1987/07)
Honor:Outstanding Research Award, National Science Council, R.O.C.(1991-1994)
Ching-Hsing Medical Award, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University (NTU) (1993)
Excellence Research Award, National Science Council (NSC), R.O.C.(1998-1999)
Ching-Kang Teacher Award, Alumni Fondation, School of Pharmacy, NTU.(2001)
Outstanding Technology Transfer Award, NSC, R.O.C. (2002.8)
The Jack Beal Postbaccalaureate Award (College of Pharmacy, The Ohio State University)(2004.5)
Research Areas:Drug Development from Natural Products
Lab Focus:1. Application of LC-SPE-NMR in characterization of minor bioactive ingredients.
2. Bioassayed guided (anti-AChE and alpha-glucosidase) separation of active natural ingredients.
3. Semisynthesis of bioactive compounds.
4. Serum pharmaceutical of herbal medicine.
Research Subjects:Development of drugs against the following diseases:
1. Arrhythnia and myocardia infarction
2. Alzheimer disease
3. Cancers
4. Diabetes and the complication
Another key topic is serum pharmaceutical of natural products.
Teacher's Word:This lab is noted for the drug development derived from natural substances. The research subjects are very versatile and mainly are disease oriented.The approach covers bioassay guided separation, semisynthesis and characterization of active metabolites. I welcome those who are devoted to the explorartion of new drug to join our research team. I am strongly believe that as long as you insist on this field, you will get the reward.
Lab Requirements:The foilowings are basic requirements in this lab :
1. Familiar with centrifugal partition chromatography- besides the common separation techniques.
2. Acquainted with modern NMR techniques besides the common spectroscopic knowledge.  
3. Sufficient background in organic, inorganic and analytic chemistry
Lab Members:The colleagues in the lab usually include postdoctor(s), graduate students in Ph. D.(3 to 5) and M. Sc. (2 to 4) program , and research assistant (s).
Recruitment:M.Sc program: 1 to 2 students per year.
Wanted:1-2 vacancy for Postdoctoral fellow and research assistants.