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Regulations for National Taiwan University School of Pharmacy Graduation Ceremony Awarding
Updated Sept. 25, 2020
I. The Regulations were established to reward the outstanding performance of the graduates of the School of Pharmacy, National Taiwan University (hereinafter referred to as the School) during their studies.
II. The Selection Committee is consisted of the President of the School, six faculty representatives from the Department of Pharmacy, and two faculty representatives from the Graduate Institute of Clinical Pharmacy, for a total of 9 representatives. The amount and quota of the scholarships will be taken into account by the Selection Committee before the Awarding Ceremony according to the spirit and amount of the award offered by the prize provider.
III. The following awards were presented to the graduates at the Awarding Ceremony:
The Graduate Student Thesis Award, the Undergraduate Excellent Performance Award, the Pharmacy Practice Excellent Award, the University Student Research Project Award, and the Service Contribution Award.
IV. The recipient of the Graduate Student Thesis Award must satisfy any of the following criteria:
(A) New graduate students whose theses meet the requirements of the Regulations for School Graduate Student Journal Paper Award Program.
(B) New graduate students who have presented their research results in academic conferences and won a prize in a competition.
(C) If a new graduate student is not qualified to be evaluated as described in the preceding paragraph, the Selection Committee may evaluate him or her excellency on the basis of performance or other merit.
The list of winners must be rated and approved by the Selection Committee. The awards can be divided into Outstanding, Excellent, and Best Assay Awards.
V. Undergraduate Excellent Performance Award
The award will be given to the top ten percent of the class based on the grades of the required subjects (excluding practice courses) in the first semester of the second through sixth year at the discretion of the Evaluation Committee.
VI. Pharmacy Practice Excellent Award
(A) A given number of students with excellent performance in Advanced Hospital Pharmacy Practice, Advanced Pharmacy Research Practice, Hospital Pharmacy Practice, and Community Pharmacy Practice will be awarded. The number of places is adjusted according to the proportion of the number of students taking the course.
(B) Except for the Advanced Pharmacy Practice, which is reviewed in accordance with the "Enforcement Guidelines for the Student Research Award of the Department of Pharmacy, National Taiwan University", the other courses are resolved by the Selection Committee based on the recommendation list provided by the instructors in charge of the course.
VII. University Student Research Project Award
(A) Eligibility: Those who have participated in the research project and submitted a full report for the project.
(B) After the application is submitted, the applicant with outstanding performance will be approved by the Selection Committee according to the "Enforcement Guidelines for the Student Research Award of the Department of Pharmacy, National Taiwan University".
VIII. Service Contribution Award
(A) The award is given to those who have served as Presidents, Vice-presidents of the Student Association of the Department of Pharmacy, Ministers of the Departments of the Student Association, Class Representatives, and important leaders of other clubs, or those who are recommended by the graduate peers, mentors of the graduate class, or others who have made substantial service contributions.
(B) Graduates who meet the qualifications listed above will be approved by the selection committee.
IX. This Regulation shall be implemented after the adoption by the school affairs meeting; the same applies when amended.